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exporting data from Wikibooks

collecting multiple pages for exporting using Special:Allpages

Open Special:Allpages and locate the text box labelled Display pages starting at:, and enter the post-endmost-slash path component of the relevant page, for example Git. For the drop-down list labelled Namespace:, select (Main). Press the Go button. This will produce a list of available pages with URLs starting with the post-endmost-slash path component. These pages are probably related, and can be copied into a separate document. The page's URL will be similar to

exporting one or more pages using Special:Export

The Special:Export page can be used to produce an XML file with MediaWiki-formatted text inside it. Open Special:Export and locate the text box labelled Add pages manually:. Enter any relevant pages' post-endmost-slash path components into the text box. Select the checkboxes labelled Include only the current revision, not the full history and Save as file, and press the Export button.

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