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using pandoc

pandoc Markdown output

Indented code blocks cannot be disabled for pandoc Markdown output.4

pandoc Markdown tables

Converting HTML tables to pipe Markdown tables is tricky, and seems to involve manually removing any column width information and then re-converting to non-grid, non-simple, non-multiline tables using non-pandoc syntax extensions1. Some HTML may still be left over and require manual editing. An example would be pandoc -f html -t markdown-grid_tables-multiline_tables-simple_tables --wrap=none -o foo.html, where foo.html is the HTML input file and is the Markdown-formatted output file.

plain text output

The formatting of plain text output is based on the formatting of Project Gutenberg.2 Specifically:

  • Emphasis is indicated with surrounding underscores (_) and strong emphasis is indicated with all caps.3
  • Footnote references are indicated with numbers within square brackets ([n]).3
  • Level one headings are indicated with all caps.3


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