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installing yq


There are two different YAML processors named yq, one by Andrey Kislyuk that functions as a jq wrapper, and one by Mike Farah that is separate from jq.

Andrey Kislyuk's yq

Use sudo -H pip install yq to install using pip.

Mike Farah's yq


Mike Farah's yq can be launched with yq.v2.

Install Go, use go get && cd $HOME/go/src/ && go build to download and install Mike Farah's yq, then append PATH=$PATH:$HOME/go/src/ to .bashrc.

Alternative installation methods

  • Use sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rmescandon/yq -y && sudo apt update && sudo apt install yq -y to install from Ubuntu PPA.
  • Use snap install yq to install using Snappy.
Personal experience
  • Snappy installation tested in Kubuntu 17.10.
  • PPA installation does not work in Kubuntu 17.10.

prior work


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